6 Amazing Hawaiian Snorkeling Spots

Arguably one of the most beautiful vacation destinations, Hawaii offers unparalleled access to relaxation, luxury and gorgeous natural settings. Visiting any one of the islands is a rewarding experience, with lots of outdoor activities to enjoy regardless of your personal preferences.

Many travelers to the Hawaiian Islands take time to enjoy the fantastic water by snorkeling or diving at locales scattered off the coasts. While there are countless places where snorkeling can be fantastic, we’ll look at six amazing spots in particular – one on each island – that you should visit while in Hawaii.

Poipu Beach Park (Kauai)

Kauai may not get as much attention as its Hawaiian big brothers, but snorkelers won’t be disappointed with the range of snorkeling sites here. The Poipu Beach Park in particular offers a shallow-water experience alongside rocky shores and crisp, blue waters. Everything from whales and seals to parrotfish can be spotted while combing the waters of Poipu Beach.

Kealakekua Bay (Hawaii)

One of the most popular snorkeling spots anywhere, Kealakekua Bay on the big island is home to dolphins, turtles, beautiful reefs and gorgeous waters. Located in South Kona, anybody can enjoy the pristine beach and water here; snorkeling in South Kona is suitable for all ages.

A variety of beautiful tourist attractions and vistas can be found within a short drive of Kealakekua Bay, making it a great snorkeling venue to visit when on the big island. One such example is the Captain Cooks Monument, a major South Kona tourist attraction that attracts diving, hiking and snorkeling enthusiasts. Don’t miss this snorkeling spot – Captain Cooks Monument – when in Kona, as well as ample kayaking opportunities in the area surrounding the Monument.

North Shore (Oahu)

Consistently rated as a top snorkeling destination, Oahu’s North Shore offers isolated, pristine beaches and coves for travelers to explore. Centered around the Haleiwa Boat Harbor, snorkeling opportunities here provide chances to spot a variety of sharks, including hammerhead sharks and tiger sharks. There is of course plenty of other wildlife to see underwater as well, but the North Shore is famous for the sheer number of shark-spotting opportunities that snorkeling provides.

Honolua Bay (Maui)

Maui’s beautiful scenery doesn’t end at the shoreline: snorkelers will be happy to know that Honolua Bay provides excellent snorkeling. This Hawaii conservation area reduces the amount of pollution and noise in the vicinity, making it perfect for spotting snapper, sea urchins and butterfly fish.

Hulopoe Bay (Lanai)

Tucked away on the southern shore of Lanai, Hulopoe Bay is a beautiful inlet that is filled with snorkeling opportunities. Isolated and featuring many unique tide pools, snorkelers can find plenty of crabs, starfish and other forms of sea life without even getting in the open water. However, visitors can expect to see dolphins, turtles and even humpback whales if they venture into the sea itself.

Fringing Reef (Molokai)

Off the southern coast of Molokai, finding the Fringing Reef requires a boat or kayak. You’ll find rays, turtles and even whales flocking to this massive fringing reef – Hawaii’s largest – which is easily accessed by kids and adults alike. The clear water of the reef makes it very easy to spot even tiny sea creatures plotting around the bottom of the reef.

Regardless of where you go in Hawaii, you’re never far from snorkeling opportunities. These six sites in particular offer snorkelers of all ages something to look forward to on their next trip to the Hawaiian Islands!

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